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 Which Trad tools are best?

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Which Trad tools are best? Empty
PostSubject: Which Trad tools are best?   Which Trad tools are best? Icon_minitimeSat Feb 24, 2007 2:19 am

I personally use a Sorbo blade, which I find alot better than the unger blade I used for all these years, although it does look like it came from "The Early Leaning Center" Suspect

I think the best T-Bar is the Ettore blue (like a zebra), purely for the water it retains Shocked

As for detailing, I get all our stuff off ebay, blue heavy duty microfibre (large) are perfect as they don't leave any lint or streaks behind.

Question A question though, is there any spray out there that is good on say fingerprint marks on a pub's georgian windows, currently we just use an old damp microfibre cloth followed by a clean dry one.....Am I old fashioned? scratch
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Which Trad tools are best?
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