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 I carry all of my equipment on my belts

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Localisation : Perth, Australia
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I carry all of my equipment on my belts Empty
PostSubject: I carry all of my equipment on my belts   I carry all of my equipment on my belts Icon_minitimeSat Apr 21, 2007 3:05 am

Hi everyone, I live in Australia and I only use the traditional method to clean windows and have found that if I carry and my equipment on some belts I do not need the use a bucket. eg. I carry a sports drink bottle containing my cleaning solution, a smaller bottle containg a concentrated cleaning soultion tied to a belt, on another belt I have 2 bags attached, one is to carry clean cloths and the other is for my dirty cloths, on a 3rd belt I have my squee gee holder that also houses my applicator and my Scape Master 4 inch scraper, also the holder houses a standard and philips head screw driver. I can clean a largish hospital using this system, never having to travel back to retrieve my bucket endlessly. Great for doing ladder work or working on a roof line or doing ledge work. I can have the exact amount of water on my squee gee all the time, a clean cloth at hand and a place to store the used ones. Im a big believer of hosing down my jobs before I squee gee them off, I also hose down the legdes and tracks and flyscreens ( walls, gutters, eves. fencing, paving ). I have my cleaning solution reallt strong and allways run some concentrated cleaning solution on my applicator so my bubbles turn really tiny and it makes it really easy to cut away from the edges and corners.


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I carry all of my equipment on my belts
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